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I just put my clipless petals on. Almost fell only once.:rofl: After I took my shoes off I noticed the cleats are scratched up. Does it damage the cleats to walk on pavement? Also would you recommend doing anything to the new petals before riding?
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start with a low setting on them so you can get used to clipping in and out easily. than work your way to a stiffer setting. as far as the cleats getting scratched its all good. no worries. its going to happen no matter what. id avoid walking in the house on em tho, to avoid scratching the floors and getting your ass kicked by your folks, lol.

which pedals did you get?


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Tyler, I agree with MIG. Since this is your first set of clipless pedals and biking shoes, I would recommend adjusting the setting on the pedals to the softest or loose setting by turning the adjustment screws on both sides of each pedal (make sure you turn equal amounts on each screw). Go for a quick ride and just practice clipping in and clipping out. When you find that you're popping out of the pedals while pedaling then tighten each screw a quarter of a turn. Keep doing that until you stop popping out of your pedals while still able to unclip.

As for scratches on the cleats... don't worry about it. It will get pretty scuffed up and it is OK to walk around with them but avoid walking around the house with them on.
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cleats do get worn down, and walking on them doesn't help. if ur running egg beaters, you cant tension them when they start to wear. i'd recomend walking on ur heels or something.


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Walking, running or dragging yourself up the trails is part of mountain biking. Dont worry about them. They are made to handle a beating. I have yet to replace a set of cleats on any of my spd's.

Gl with the transition. ;)


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I just replaced my first set of spd cleats.
It took two full years, thousands of miles riding road and MTB with many, many miles of walking both on trails and cold, hard pavement(cause I didn't pack a tube:eek:).

They're nearly bombproof so relax and go abuse them.


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Tyler - I wouldn't use WD-40 on any part of your bike. WD (Water Displacing) -40 isn't meant to be much of a lubricant. It is meant to displace water from moving parts to stop it from squeeking. I would recommend going to a local bike shop and get some spray lube. I use Pedros and all I do is just spray a little on the springs of the pedals every once in a while. Only use chain lube on the chains. I prefer a dry lube so it doesn't attract dirt.
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