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We're back at it on Glen Trail. One of the first trails we tackled but tried to stay within the boundaries of the existing line(s) at the time as we worked to find the balance of what the park manager was comfortable with. Well, anyone who has ridden here recently knows those boundaries have broadened and the park really likes the work!

So with that....
(Thanks for lending a hand, @Juggernaut )

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Thanks @Juggernaut @pooriggy and of course Matt (can’t find your handle).


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Nice work @Matt And @Juggernaut. This new line is way better.

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Wow, Hats off to @pooriggy @Matt @Hair Face and anyone else I'm forgetting , This place has always been fast (but boring) It's awesome now! Fast, Flowy and Fun, Hadn't been here in like 14 months and made it back there early this morn, will be heading back often now.

I'm absolutely loving the progress at Clayton and I'm so glad to have a small part in it. It's only a 15-20 minute drive from home and I've been riding there pretty consistently for the last year thanks to all the great work everyone has put in.


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Another great turnout and productive TM tonight! I wish I had stats readily available for all of the volunteer hours that have gone into the Old Forge (Toboggan) improvements..... It's been a significant part of the work this year but we wanted to make sure we did this iconic trail justice (and still more to come 😉)




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Not to get off topic,but does anyone know what there building right across Doctors Creek @ the bottom of Toboggan run??

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