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One word should sum it up... SLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

Hit Clayton early this afternoon with the intent of doing a lap on foot and then a lap or two on the bike. Starting off through the field and down into the singletrack, I found that whole stretch to be standing water, slippery mud and almost impassible stretches of trail. Not one to give up too soon, I decided that I would just forgo that portion of Clayton for my next lap on the bike, and start out right into the woods from the parking lot. However, I found the whole place on my run to be ground thawing, slick, and not worth the risk. There was puddling and greasy mud throughout.

My recommendation...

Ride Clayton:

1. If you have a hankering for eventful trips to the Emergency Room.
2. Enjoy the thought of the phrase "LONG RECOVERY".
3. Get pleasure out of catapulting from the seat of your trusty steed onto greasy, thick mud.
4. Yearn for spending hours scraping and brushing clumps of mud and dirt from the crevices and crannies of your bike.

Don't Ride Clayton:

1. If you don't like long visits to the Emergency Room.
2. Don't enjoy long recoveries.
3. Don't get pleasure using your entire body wiping up trail mud and slime.
4. Don't yearn spending hours on end cleaning the mud and crud from your bike.

Give it until the weekend, and conditions should be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your bike will thank you... so will your riding buddies when they don't have to wait for your a** in the ER! ;O

Happy Trails!

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anyone ridden here this week?

No but I was considering it tomorrow morning. I might just swing by to see what the trails look like. Colin and I rode Clayton last friday and it was fun as hell with a few inches of snow, obviously thats all changed now.


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I just came back from Clayton

Parking lot was like Allaire on a warm sunday

Didn't recognize anyone.

Trails were pretty good.

Some places were pretty rutted up. Some soft

But overall - FUN.

I rocked my new 17t (32t). Glad to see the EBB can handle now 17-20. I think 16t is in the near future.

Now, the only way I will ride CLayton - Mercer - 6 mile - Allaire is on 17t or smaller. Great workout no matter where you are.
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I finally got around to throwing the 18t on my rig ;p, we'll see how that goes, might play your game and slip down to a 17 or 16 just to say I can.


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We just got back and it is a mess. The worst that I have ever seen it, and we have been riding there for 5 years. In addition to the damage done by bikes, there were sections that have been heavily impacted by the park system going in on ATV's to clear downed trees.

We cut our ride short and left. I am sure that if you were one of the few that got out very, very early it was ok. That is not the case now. It was poor judgement on my part to think it would be ok. There were several other groups that were also bailing because the trails were so bad.

I advise everyone to find an alternate place to ride.



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there were three areas of some erosion
1. field (who cares ride on shoulder)
2. rooted section or two (go on side)
3. entrances (yes but those are what they are)

the stuff on top completely dry. in general, i had a great time without doing damage. unfortunatelu the ruts left by riders from before were at times deep. atv tracks were not an issue - wide and flat

maybe its because i was out earlier.
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