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Hello there, with daylight getting shorter, I decided to stop on my way home from work. I got to Clayton at 3:30 and was on the trails by 3:15. I was riding til 5:00. It was Fun! And I had about 8 other riders on the trails, two with cross bikes. This park has better climbs and obstcles than Allaire. The downhills have some weaving banks to them and yes, lots of roots too! Again, it's a smaller park than the northern greats, but if you are short on time or just want to keep your speed up, this is a fun park. It probably is a reallly cool night riding park, if one could figure out where to park and ride in. Remember, BASE MILES!!! NJ Jess
Hey Jess,
where do you live, Clayton is my usual stomping ground. Being at the shore it is the closest place to home. Maybe we could hook up and ride some time. I could get there and be ready to ride by 4 ish.
Clayton here we come!

Hi folks! I would love to ride Clayton 4ish on Wednesday if anyone is available. Hope to see ya. NJ Jess
Hi Guys,
I was thinking about trying Clayton next Thursday, the 8th. I can get there about 3:45ish depending on the slow pokes on 539. I would have to borrow a light....Jess , if that offer still holds.

Anybody interested????

I screwed up already....I have a field trip on Thursday and won't be back until 5....I will look for another day next week......crap.
Clayton has been good to me

I hit it twice per week on my way home from work in trenton. I want to do the allaire rides, but they start to late. I'm up everyday at 430 am so I need to catch some winks in there. I'm leaving for Germany on the 23rd and wont return until Jan 18th. (Thank God for great family in Europe or I could never afford the trip). I hope to road ride or perhaps snow ski/shoe/board with everyone when I get back. Have a great Holiday. Smiles, Jess
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