Clayton 4 pm Wednesday?

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Hi Ruth, Kerry, and newbies. Are you still going to ride on Wedneday? A woman named Tracy had emailed me and lives 15 minutes from Clayton. She is also considering doing the Running of the Dogs. As I said before, working in north jersey, I probably can't make the 4ish ride, but perhaps she can. She is very excited about other female mountain bikers as she normally rides with her guy friends. She is even considering a mountainbike clinic in VA, Oh yea, would you gals be interested in TM of Allaire on Sunday March 26th, and then a ride in the park? Smiles, Jess

Yes the ride is still on and anyone can join us. You can give Tracy my cell number, if you like. The more the merrier is what I alway say.

There is one of those 'special' rides on Wed. also. I'm already committed to going to Clayton but, I'm pretty sure Keith and Phil will be riding with Greg and others from the shop. Meeting at the shop 6pm or at the secret spot at 6:45.

Not sure about the trail maintenance/ride but, I'll keep it in mind. I haven't decided what I'm doing this weekend. I have several options.

Jess and Kerry....

Hi ladies,

It's Tracy...I just joined the forum this morning. Thanks for the invite to Clayton but I will likely have to pass; I don't think I can get there by 4pm today. I can't wait for this weather to break and longer days though. I would love to join you on other weekday rides and even night rides.

Regarding trail maintenance and a ride at Allaire on Sunday, I am pretty certain I can make that one.

Good to meet some fellow female riders....FINALLY!
More to come

Hi everyone, Glad to hear everyone getting excited to ride and enjoy the spring to the fullest. I hope to see some of you at the TM at Allaire on Sunday 8 am Hospital road lot. Afterward we could go for a ride! Smiles,Jess
Clayton 5/24

Ruth, Christna and I will be riding this Wednesday. We're planning to meet at 3:45 and start riding at 4. Anyone interested in joining us?

give it hell, ladies

Wish I could make it, but I will still be working in north jersey. Keep training for the 12 hours of Deer Park. Catch up with ya soon, Jess
Clayton last night

Hi ladies,

I was at Clayton last night but didn't see you. I didn't get there until 5:45 though, maybe you already left?

I am doing a 3-day MTB clinic this weekend down in Virginia with Betteride (out of Fruita, Co.). Hoping it will build my confidence in racing...we'll see.

I will be back from the clinic Saturday night and am thinking of riding Sunday, possibly Clayton or Hartshorne. If you are interested please call my cell: 609-647-4482.

Also, are you planning to do any upcoming races?


Hi Tracy,
We actually rode a little earlier yesterday and we were done by 5. I am registered for the 12 O'Muchy, and I am planning one more race in June, before I leave for Alaska on vacation June 30th.

Enjoy the clinic. I am not sure what my plans are for the weekend yet.

Sounds Great!

Everyone seems like they are having fun riding! Clinics are wonderful ways to learn a lot in a short period of time. It helps having other people as dedicated to learning as you. I hope you have a fun time in VA. Then come back and ride or watch the 12 hours of Deer Park. All races, even the hard ones, teach you something about yourself. All is good and worth it. Hope to see you guys soon. I would love to ride Clayton or Hartshorne on Sunday or Monday. Let's see if we can get an All Girls Ride together? More later. NJ Jess
Hartshorne 10am Sunday

I'm planning to meet Connie at Hartshorne on Sunday, weather permiting. I'd love to see you there Jess and Tracy! If it's wet I might change it to an Allaire ride. Kerry
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