Churn N Burn needs new venue


El Guac-Oh
From Genesis Adventures newsletter...

Churn & Burn 24-Hr Mt. Bike Relay

After several years at Brialee Campground we will need to seek out a new venue as dramatic changes to the bike course will prevent us from returning. We are currently searching for a new venue and hope to have news for you by February on our new location. We expect this event to take place on September 13th & 14th in Connecticut.

...and the plot thickens


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Well that wasn't much drama. So what are these course changes? I presume they want to make it longer?


El Guac-Oh
Brailee camp, the previous venue, decided to build more campsites eating away a big chunk of the course.

I have no idea if they'll make the loop bigger, I hope they do.
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