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Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
On behalf of Kirt and the SCPC I'd like to thank the following people for helping out last Sunday at the Chimney Rock TM Session. We had a solid turnout of the 14 listed below, 2 rangers, and 1 MTBNJer who didn't sign in (TKR? TRK?). In all, we put in 51 hours working on the orange trails that connect Chimney Rock Rd with Gilbride. With the 3 days of rain before it allowed us to really work with the water first hand and get it straight outta Dodge. Mike aka van dbk river mentioned in another thread he could see that the trails were in better shape already because of it.

Thanks to all who showed to lend a hand!

Scott Thompson (Woody)
Adam Nawrot (warcricket)
Pat Biskey (baboytoy)
Tom Huleatt
Jeff Huleatt
Mike Lewondowski (van dbt river)
Paul Tusin
Maryanne Surowiec (mare45)
Leo Barinov (Elbiddy)
Andy Crupley
Tim Crupley
Ryan Murray
Kirt Mills (Kirt)
Joseph Zurawski (Norm)

In addition here is a flicker set from the session (Slideshow version).

Thanks again! And hopefully we'll see you on 12/13, weather permitting.


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the pics of everyone gathered around the historical obelisk are great:)
it also appears that there were about 2.3 tools per person, based on those pics.
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