Chimney Rock Group Ride 10/21


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All the leaves are turning Brown and the skies have been gray, you'd be safe and warm if you join us for a group ride at Chimney Rock. Ok, so this doesn't exactly rhythm but the facts remain, we will get together for a day of peace, love and happiness while riding bikes on October 21st. CR has rocks, big and small, this is a good introduction to riding and falling on them.

I'd encourage beginner mtbers to attend even though the trails are a bit more technical due to rocks and elevation, if you only ride places like Allaire and 6 mile you are limiting yourself and missing out on riding rocks, which can be a highly rewarding challenge.

If any locals would like to help with rides, please chime in, we can use it.
@Jim Richardson

Date; 10/21 Sunday at 9am
Location; the ball fields parking lot.
Chimney Rock Park
792 Chimney Rock Rd, Martinsville, NJ 08836