Chimney Rock - Frozen 1/20?


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Going riding tomorrow morning and was thinking that Chimney Rock may be frozen quite well after tonights sub-20 degree temperatures.

Accurate assumption?

I figured that would be a good place to hit up just in case I get too cold I can bail and get back to the car pretty fast. Given the forecast for wind and low temps, a mechanical problem in the heart of Allamuchy would be bad.



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Yeah things are pretty squishy today. Not sure if it'll totally freeze overnight.
I rode CR a few weeks ago and it was muddy as heck. If it freezes tonight it is going to be a bumpy rutted ride tomorrow.

I ran a local trail here in Princeton on Tuesday afternoon, it did not get nearly as cold overnight as it is expected to get tonight, and the trail was frozen over. Not slick, just hard muddy ruts that made footing a bit tough in some places.

I would expect CR would have similar conditions, but CR is not wet all over, there are considerable large, drier sections that will be in good condition for a ride.
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