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Oh dag, we did not do logan today, that must have been nice without all the rocks, and that stupid diagonal pipe!

Vomit trail is nice and clear, only 1 dab at the rock bridge.

we were there at 10 what time were you there qcl?
8:30, out by 11, was cold about 35 d
Where is vomit vosseler? Is that the high tech side of yellow


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3 new trees down
2 need chainsaw
1 could be hand sawn

On white, near Newmans, 3 lefts after creek crossing

Top of main vein, 1 stones throw from Miller lot

Behind Ballfield, near log teepee


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As of Monday, the two chainsaw trees were already done, the small one still remained.
Thanks to @somebody for the quick work!


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The tree across the trail behind the ball fields is still there. Seen it today. Haven't figured out a way to do a log rollover over it yet! Also seen a nice new trail marker at the bottom of the big hill on the blue trail today. A lot of leaves were down on most of the trails. Weather was awesome!

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Forgot to report yesterday there is a big tree down on the lower switchback on the High-tech (Voessler) trail. Didn't get a pic, its a big tree, you've seen them before ;)


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Where is this? Can't place it from memory.

It's the rocky stream crossing near the start of red from newmans. If you look to the right of the crossing there is this mini water fall thing (in picture) it looks better in pictures in correct lighting, otherwise not really the most picturesque spot.


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Rode ball fields + Yellow trails yesterday afternoon with @thegock . Conditions were great except leaf carpet. First time on re-routed lower yellow trail (by reservoir). It was fun and much thanks to those who put in the work! I'll be there this Saturday to help finish it off.

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