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Not sure who did it or how, but here is the before and after for that hung up dead tree on the yellow perimeter trail uphill from the 4-way. Tree is still there and still propped up against another but it was cut at its stump and shifted several feet to the right so no need to duck under anymore.



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Spent some time this afternoon bumming around the Rock. Did yellow, orange, red and a bit of white.

Yellow perimeter was totally rideable. It got just a bit softer and damper below the four way. Otherwise OK.


Orange was good too aside from that patch of mud when you enter from Gilbride.

Red had some peanut-buttery problem spots in all the usual places. Here is the singletrack right off of Logan after passing through the fence heading towards Newman.


Lots of leaf cover and the few spots of bare dirt were moist but puddle-free.


Last, here is the part of black behind the arch bridge heading toward the stream crossing. Not great but not terrible either.


Did not hit up blue or interior white but can predict that they are not in great shape for riding.


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