Chimney Rock Conditions? 4/15?


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Hey all! I am gonna be getting a ride in after work and I am hoping CR is in good shape, if not it will be off to Lewis Morris... I rode Hartshorne on Sunday and was surprised how mushy it was in spots so I have alittle pause regarding Chimney Rock...


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Rode there on Sunday and it was extremely wet throughout the park probably still wet I'd imagine.


Rode there Sunday. I stayed up by the lookout and it was dry. Anything below that and across by Newmans was extremely wet when I checked it on Thursday. May get better this weekend with all this sun?


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rode there this morning & it is still pretty wet. a few more days of sunshine & it should be good to go.


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CR was a bit wet...

a great, great afternoon riding but Lewis Morris probably would have been drier- by the way I rode Mahlon yesterday and it is in great, great shape
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