Chester Kids Triathlon


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My 6 year old son competed in the First Annual Chester Kids Triathlon today (sponsored by Marty's Reliable Cycle - thanks Marty!). It was a blast! He now wants to enter an H2H race with his old man...

It looked like he was not going to be able to continue when he got out of the pool, but got excited during the transition to the bike ride and sported a HUGE grin on the last 10 yards of the run. He thought it was just cool to have his race number on his arm. This was a great event to help kids gain some self confidence.

Hope you enjoy the pics.


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Awesome! Congrats to your son.
I just showed my 6 yr old and he wants to do it next year.


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Great! See you in Chester next year...

BTW: The reason I mentioned "self-confidence" is because he noticed that the older kids did not have training wheels on and he refused to get off his bike later that day until he was able to ride without them. They are now in the trash and he is telling everyone that calls the house that he is a triathlete and that he finished his first race... and that not only is daddy not a triathlete, but that daddy can only handle the bike segment and daddy was unable to complete his first bike race this year... Ha, Ha... But I still love him:D


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I have three boys, ages 2, 4 and 6. As soon as the 6 yr old learned to ride without his training wheels my 4 yr old refused to ride with them too. In one weekend he figured out how to do it. Now it leaves the 2 yr old complaining.....I better make sure his helmet is on real tight, he's a nut on a bike.

My 6 yr old wants to go to the gym now and see if he can swim across the pool. I know he can, but he doesn't know he can
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