Cheesequake today


Fourth Party
So after a blown day yesterday filled with parties, I got the free pass to ride today with no time constraints. My wife tells me that she's going to take our daughter to Cheesequake Park and see what its like. Being the family guy I am I say, "hey, I'll go to, theres some trails there". I know the trail system there isnt that big and since its only a stones throw from my house I decide to ride there.

If you come here between Memorial Day and Labor Day its $10 a car, regardless of how many people you have. So Mrs Walter and little one ride in and park by the lake, I meet up with them a bit later.

The only legal trail to ride here is the white trail, which according to the trail map is 3 miles long. I cant verify this as I still forget that I own a Garmin, oh well. The trail is nicely marked and easy to follow. Some roots, a few logstacles and some bridges. Not really all that technical, there was one sweet switchback climb that was really fun.

Where am I going with this, I dont know. I will say if you want to do the family thing and get a ride in, and if your in the area, give it a shot. There is a swimming lake w/ lifeguards, bathroom facilities, picnic grounds with grills, 2 parks and a basketball court. The trail is short, but if you do a few laps its kinda fun. Would I drive an hour to come here, hell no. But like I said, if you're heading to the shore or if you are in the area, stop by and check it out.
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