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I saw this posted on and thought it was pretty cool....

There will be an informal race on Tuesday Nights at Gloucester County College
(Sewell, NJ) similar to the Thursday Night races at Belmont Plateau in Philly.

The loop will be shortened to roughly 2 to 3 miles with beginners doing 2 laps, sport 3 laps, and experts 4 laps. The start time is 6:30 pm. We will meet at the back parking lot. The trails will be marked so the experts wont get confused, not that they would, but just as a precaution since they will be ahead of all of us.

It will be a "no-go" if the weather is bad or the ground is muddy (college-policy).

A cancellation will be posted on this site.

Hope to see everyone out there!

Tim Collins
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