Check this badboy out!


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Just picked it up today. Taurus .357 magnum.

Any shooters in the house?


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yeah, i would rather be indoors too right now. lets go to rays then. but yes sign up day is tomorrow. Reason i am not a member there is because of the one day a month sign up.


Come by my place and I can drive us down if you want. I'm open on time. I'm going to a lil mexican party thing tonight so I may need some recover time in the morning but I'm usually ready to go somewhat early.
i need to get a ride in tomorrow. How about if we meet at Rays say at high noon?

Yeah that's a pretty good time. How many rounds are you bringing? I'm bringing a box of target .38s.
Did you hang onto any?

Nah, I had no need for them, I had a Belgium made Browning 9mm, a S and W nickel plated, chiefs edition .38 stub nose, a Remington Bicentennial edition 30 06, and a Winchester rifle, like an old cowboy rifle.

My friend is a Jersey state trooper, and a gun collector, so I sold them all to him.
We ended up going to the bullet hole in belleville and I went through 100 rounds or .38s. Here are the results.

First pic is Al with the taurus at around 10-15 yards. Not really sure the distance. Doesn't matter, he destroyed it.

Next is mine at 20 yards followed by around 10 yards. I'm actually surprised because I couldn't see shit at 20 yards. That leads us to the last picture. I picked up a little visual enhancement modification. ;)

Tell me that's not a hot (yes dirty) gun.


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