changing tubes and tires


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I had a flat on my new 29er and had to walk home from the park. My new bike has tubes, so I had to go and buy new tubes. I fill them with STANS GOO and put them inside tire casing. The tires were realy hard to mount back on. One was OK, but the other one had a leak in the new tube, I guess I pinched the tube while wrestling with tire lever. It has been a while sense I used tubes, my other bike is UST. I know that I should partially inflate the tube before popping tire on the rim. Could anyone share their trick to putting stubborn tires on without damaging the tubes?


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Make sure the bead is in the deepest part of the rim when you start and lots of soapy water applied liberally on the bead.


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I always use some talc or baby powder inside the tires and roll the tire to spread it around before putting the tube in. This keeps verything dry to prevent pintching when installing and riding. I learn that trick from Rishi Grewal, a Klein sponsored racer when I met him at 24-Hours of Snowshoe a few years back.
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