while we're on the topic, I bought 2 medium P.I. veer sleeveless jerseys from there, one red and one blue and they dont fit me worth a crap.

$15 each if anyone is interested.
they have the vagabond jacket up now for $47. i have this jacket and that's an insane price.

btw, i hate you fred for showing me this. it's worse than steep and cheap.
Yea im not sure who showed me this, but I have made three purchases this week! Its the best bad thing!

are these the same tires as before?
are they good????

Yea except they were red, ill trade you if you would like red. I have no idea if the tires are good or not. But for 10 bucks who cares!
The other day they had an Intense Spider frame on there for $1080 & a little while later a Mavic crossmax wheel set for $400 something.

Start of a very nice bike right there :D
It is so just gets refreshed periodically at work every day. I've used it a few times already.
I never knew this site existed until yesterday. Now I am obsessed. I check it at least every 3 seconds :)
add the little icon and it will chime and then pop up from the bottom corner of the screen everytime a new item comes up
Reynolds Mountain Clincher 28H Wheel Set

11 of 11
10/8 @ 11:11am.


for those of you who got the loot. Cause I know I don't.
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