Chain Stretcher Results


Results are off

These times are f'd up....I think the little kids yelling out rider numbers at the laps (at least for the sport race) was a bad idea. Cute and all, but more like Sarah Palin than Joe Biden...


EABODS ... If you have a concern on the scoring then please be specific. A general statement of they are "f'd up" is useless. :confused:

Also, the little kid was the son of one of the race sponsors who donates swag from his shop for the race. He was there with his dad having fun particpating in what is suppose to be a family fun event, helping us by calling out numbers so the scoring would not be "f'd" up.

Please send your concerns to me

PS - Scores were posted for the 15 minute protest period. That is the time to express your concerns.



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There were a few discrepencies after the expert results were posted (at the race), but they were cleared up immeadiately.

All in all, great race and great job in getting the results posted up for all to see in very timely manner.:D

Thanks WMBA for your work in putting everything together.


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Alright the fad of posting results fast must be spreading from each race. :thumbs up: Wow, 5th fastest in Sport overall, I was pinned for sure, love those conditions.
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