Ceres this morning


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Had a fine time in the woods at Ceres today. Was a nice way to round out my week of riding, to check out a new (to me) park.

I'll agree a map (and better trail marking) of this place would be infinitely helpful as it is like a spiderweb of trails in places. But, whoa is this place fun. Good news was we found a guy at the lot we parked at who gave us a gentlemen's tour of the one side (Thanks, Scott) and hooked up with another dude in the other parking lot who helped show us around that side (Thanks, Bill!), we managed to see most of it, we think...

It's got a lot to offer and is worth a visit...we drove about an hour from the Mercer County Park area down there....would do it again for sure. Very nice locals and lots of fun TTFs, jumps, stream crossings, skinnies, you name it.


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Glad you liked it and got a tour. It is a superfun place to ride. A proper loop with markings is in the works with a map hopefully. More of the bridges should be replaced before the JORBA ride this fall.
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