Cental Jersey Kid



Yo, my name is chris, montain biking is awesome. I recently got really in to it about a month ago and have been riding three to four times a week at Hartshorne, i live like ten minutes from there. I just participated in my first race at kitatiny running of the dogs, today and met Jess who thankfully hooked me up with some pants i was freezing. the course was super muddy but fun as hell. what sucked was i lost a contact at the end of the first lap and had to call it quits. but thats ok it was cold and there are plenty of other races.

O, and if any one lives in the Eatontown area i work at Ski Barn so if you need anything stop buy and its a great place with a super fun staff.
Hey there Chris!

It was great meeting you at the race. Cool memory for your first race, huh! kudos to you for your determination to race in that type of weather. It only gets better from here. Hey, did you go to the Teambulldog.com website and look up the High School Mountain bike championships on May 13. I will stop by the ski barn to get those pants, hard to think that anyone would race in shorts while its snowing! Hope to ride with you at Hartshorne some time too! Smiles, Jess
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