Carpool to Stewart?


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Is there anyone who wants to carpool to Stewart on Sunday? I am racing the sport class and would like to be there by 9:00. I live in central NJ and have to head up through Bridgewater to 287. I can drive, or you can...whatever... split gas/toll costs.


awesome idea! If I was going I'd take you up on the offer... if you don't mind giving rides to strangers :getsome:

My son started racing last year so between 2 registrations and transportation, it gets to be a 'spensive day!


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Strangers are always better! You can make up all sorts of stuff and they have no way of knowing you're lying. :D :rofl:


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I have strange people in my car all the time!
Unfortunately, most are related to me.

Have van, will drive, can accommodate 3 more people with bikes.
Need to be at stewart by 8am.
Can pool from Oakland at Pedal Sports lot, easy on/off 287 exit57-ish

Pm me if you want to come along.


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carpool from monmouth co.

Can't make this weekend but looking to Kitt and would love to split travel $. I'm in Monmouth Co and can fit 2-3 bikes in/on car. 2nd race for me and trying sport 45-49.
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