carbon forks on rocks.


entirely thrilled
would carbon rigid forks(as opposed to chromoly rigid forks) be a good enough choice for a somewhat abusive, 200lb former trials rider who likes really rocky, technical xc trails? what are the dangers of scratching them? do they twist or have signifigantly more lateral flex than a chromoly fork?

i'm debating a bonty carbon to replace the reba.


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I ride a Pace rigid fork at CR and havent had a prob. with it. I found that its soft on the rocks vs the cro-mo fork i had on the Mary SS i dont notice the flex it has when going into turns with it.I def. dig the carbon fork.


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The pace (soon to be DT) forks have been great for all those who have them. They do a good job of dampening and they are a bunch lighter. Your weight should be A-OK.


On One CF fork

I rode On One's CF fork all over PA and NJ rocky trails for goo dpart of the last year, since Sept till now, with no ill effects. The fork looks as good as new and I will continue riding it, hopefully for years to come.

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