Carbon Fiber mesh bike frame .WOW


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"you can store weed in it too"
If I had a ton of$$$ I would get one to dry shirts on and grate some dirt jumps made out of real cheese.
Wow its cheap too!
No bottle opener might break the deal.


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Someone posted a pic of that bike on here some time ago, but I really don't feel like looking for it.
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I think that is a pretty lousy design, those are the only parts of a bike that don't usually hurt when they attack you why would you want that?:confused:


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Anyone who actually buys this bike to ride it is an idiot. The IsoTruss is nothing more than a class project at BYU. The students came up with a great idea and are trying to attract buyers of the technology.

This bike is nothing more than a toy. Kinda like making a bike frame of bamboo. Sure, it's cool to do it but it's not presenting any breakthroughs in the bike industry.

The patent would be much more appropriate for larger scale structural support applications; Aerospace, Architecture, etc. It looks as if they are pursuing those as well. I guess a bike was just easier to make and they could actually have some fun with it.

When you read some of the literature, it just sounds like a thesis or a physics lab report.


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if anyone noticed in all the "action pics" the rider was wearing full leggings I wonder why? could it be to stop the blood flow after the first top tube rub.....
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