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I think “weird” is already a given when you say ”Bricklin”. This qualifies as “extra weird”.

There was a girl in my brother’s class, in the 70’s, whose father used to pick her up in a Bricklin. Gull-wing doors were pretty hard to miss.
Not a huge market for "I want a flashy sportscar with the safety of a Volvo."


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Da fuq is this shit? Tinted, slicktop, marked Hyundai Sonata police car. Never thought I'd see something like this. I honked my horn and gave him the double middle finger trying to get him to stop me so I could find out who he pissed off.

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This one is a 3 speed auto. Turbo 400 because of the big block engine and heavier 3/4 ton towing capabilities than a small block 1/2 ton truck.

However, there were several manual variations. Three on the tree was a common manual setup
Both the '68 and '70 my dad drove were 6cyl in-line with 3sp on the column.
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