Car-spotting thread


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From today’s ride. Dodge pickup something. Partial pic because I was pedaling.


Then I had to drop the bike off at the bike shop cause it’s still shifting like crap and this guy pulled into the lot with 3 MTB in the bed. Quick pic but it’s a 4 door extended bed with a massive lift that the pic doesn’t do justice. Not a 4x4 guy but liked for bikes in back of truck.



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This guy gets it.


BMW Service today. Oil change, brake fluid change, cabin microfilter change. They reminded me it's the last free service on the car. I told them I know and I'm sure they'll make up for it next year. No one laughed except me.

My buddy and I split the rental on a C7GS for Wednesday. $200 for 200 miles. It's an auto but WTF it should be fun.