Car-spotting thread

Speaking of cars, I gotta meet a guy that moved into our development. I've driven by his place a few times, his 3 car garage has lifts in 2 of the bays. He's got 2 Porsche 911s stacked in one bay, a 60s GTO and motorcycle stacked in a second bay, a chevelle (I think) in the 3rd bay, then a new truck and chevy SSR parked in the driveway.
Met this guy today (John from Arizona) - he has a 68 and 2007 Porsches, 67 Pontiac Le Mans with an LS motor, and a stock 69 396 Chevelle in his garage. All he did was raise the garage door tracks close to the ceiling to fit the lifts/cars. Said he also has three more cars in Arizona.
Car show day in Punta Gorda with neighbor Ray. No trophies today, they were only giving out six and we didn't stick around for the presentation.

Obligatory our cars pic


Nice 68 Bullitt clone



SVT Cobra, didn't catch the exact year


One more Mustang - talked to this guy for awhile. 2018 looks stock but he put in a procharger turbo - 650 rwhp!


56 Fairlane


Couple of Jeeps for @Johnny Utah




Team Workhorse
Team MTBNJ Halter's
@rick81721 interesting with that fastback... No marker lights so it's most likely a 67, but they changed the side vents to make it look like a 68 (ala bullit car)... Not sure which is actually is

That cobra is an 03-04... And the pro charger is a supercharger
One more for @Carson , this guy pulled in next to me. Didn't know an M6 comes with a V10 motor??


Also forgot to mention, a lady comes up to talk to me and says she has one issue with my car - the cycling license plate. She says: "really, on this car?" 🤔
What is going on in the car world? I mean, I can somewhat understand those crazy Porsche guys for shelling out what they do on the old air-cooled cars. Reliable, the "pure" driving experience, even though any GTI or Focus S built within the last 10 years would out-accelerate and out-handle one, but Porsche has always been really good at selling the Cool Aid. But I've seen old Integras, and now this, selling for crazy prices. Over $100k for a car that had 10 more HP than the normal GT? I have nothing against the old 5.Slow, probably would be a fun car to get and wrench on, turn into a sleeper rat-rod, but this? Must be a nostalgia thing, relive some high school glory, or get that car you always lusted after but never had? Or is this all a trickle-down effect from guys like the Floor Mat guy spending $60M on an old Ferrari? Is this the Mustang buyers "old Ferrari"?