Can't wait to go back


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This past weekend was my first time there. We had some great guides and experienced I'd say 1/2 of what the park has to offer. Did about 9 miles and were told another 10 is still waiting for us next time.

Trails weren't marked all that great but once I learn my way around I can see this becoming my new favorite spot. The mix of terrain reminds me of Lewis Morris, Tourne and even Allamuchy (well maybe Kittatinny) in some spots. Climbs weren't that hard but the gravel fireroads were rough on my Nokians.

Definitely will be back there soon!


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Hey guys - Definitely a fun ride - glad you came along. Looking foward to the next one. Probably going to ride allamuchy this weekend and maybe mahlon again.


Hey guys, i live right by Mahlon. I actually know ALOT of trails in that area, spent many days of my youth riding it on 2 and 4 wheels. Not sure if i can actually "RIDE" with you guys as i haven't ridden(a bicycle that is) in several years, but that is changing. I just got another mountainbike and have started riding once again. One day maybe we could hook up, and after im a member of Shawnee so if it is summer we can hit the lake and chill...


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