Canon Printer Repairs


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Is anyone a Canon repair tech? I have a printer that needs maintenance and figured I would check here prior to searching the yellow pages...

The Kalmyk

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How expensive and old of a printer are we talking Steve...You can look at it this way....What percentage of a new machine will take to fix an old machine...I do this all the time at work with my equipment...Sorry but I dont know anyone who doesn't fix printers...I don't have one worth fixing


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I was thinking the same thing, Spence. However, we purchased and opened about $80 worth of printer ink about 3 days before it STB :mad:...

I called one local place and they wanted $40 plus for diagnostics which would NOT be applied to the repair.


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what is the model number of the printer?
at one time in my past lives this is all I did.


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Pixma MP780. The paper loads from the back, and it appears that the mechanism that feeds the paper is not "lifting" to move the individual sheets to the rollers
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