Cannondale - ON concept bike


El Guac-Oh
have u seen this???..the FUTURE is here. :scared:

maybe they'll let this on the TRAINS at rush hour and you won't look like a geek!

on_kramer.jpg folds!!!



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Norm could use this for his train ride. Then he'd be the James Bond of the morning commute.


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that's pretty sweet.

i was in NYC on tuesday and this guy comes out of a building on madison ave with a big bag over his shoulder. outta the bag he pulls a folding bike. he proceeds to click this thing together in about two minutes and bolts away. pretty cool stuff.


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Ok fine, find me a folding bike and I'll try it. But if kids throw tomatoes at me I'm'a be pissed.


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I think that's really sweet! Definitely something I'd ride around town, or especially if I was in the market for a folding bike. And I agree with Joe, I'm studying to be an engineer and the concept/design is interesting me.


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The concept of the foldind design is pretty nice but why does c-dale make everything so fugly...
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