Cannondale 29er 3(1FG) Caffeine


Manufacturer: Cannondale
Product: 29er Single Speed, Q Ring 34T, XT Pedals
How Long Used: 2 weeks
Similar Products Used: None
Overall Rating [1-10]: 8

Positive: Fun,Fun,Fun, This bike is a blast. The 29ers are fast and roll over everything. I felt like I was driving a Hummer over trees and roots. Very nice. It made Allaire even more fun.

Negative: Mechanical Disc Brakes :drooling:

Comments: Jdog and Chris at Halters took care of me as usual. I plan on riding the shit out of this bike all winter at Allaire :2guns:


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how's the 29er handle?

i'm drooling and thinking of a 29er for my next bike but concerned it won't be as responsive my 26er.


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i'm drooling and thinking of a 29er for my next bike but concerned it won't be as responsive my 26er.

i think thats all fooey. I have good saddle time in 3 29ers and my thoughts are if you can handle the bike you can handle the bike. I have not been on big wheels in a while but i cannot wait. Hopefully the next time it will be my own.


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i grant everything - 26ers may be on the endangered species list. i'm only trying to find objective answers on the handling of 29ers since i don't have much stick time on them. i've heard a lot of mixed thoughts about a 29er's handling. just a quick glance at the physics of a 29er yields this conclusion:

29er wheels are bigger and heavier, and all things being equal, a bigger, heavier wheel, rotation weight, will not shift momentum as easily as a lighter wheel. whether this difference is meaningful on the trails depends .... in any event, my next bike will be a 29er, oh stop the drooling:D


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I bought my first 29er in September 06. I bought my second 7 months later. I may not be the fastest guy in the flock, but the positives outweigh the negatives. And the negatives are easily fixed if you know the right secrets. Heres 2 of my babies.


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