Cannonball Trail Re-route: Version 2.0-3.0


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Cannonball Trail Re-route: Version 2.0-3.0

After 2-3 sessions, the re-route is pretty darn close to being completed. Its about 90% done and could use a little bit of ride in. More:

The section being re-routed is the setion of CB right off the pavement on the south side (lake side) of Skyline.

First part is 5 feet from the road a hard left between 2 chockstones, and bar width trees. You'll get dumped back onto the old trail for a short stretch.

Second section is about 25 feet on the old cb trail, hard to find bc its we have not cut in the beginning 30 feet but keep a look-see for pink tape. Then push the bike 20 feet up hill then ride a nice long section of flowy fun down to the stream crossing.

Enjoy. :thumbsup:
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