Cane Creek Disc Terros Wheels


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these wheels are currently a great buy at and sierratradingost ($199). my set arrived about 2 weeks ago and from the moment i installed the rear wheel, a strange fluttering, piston like sound came from the rear hub. after talking to cane creek who couldn't diagnose the problem and encouraged me to try out the wheel, i rode the rear wheel through two of my usual rides at waway.

the trails were not particularly tough but did involve rocks and logs. after two rides, the rear wheel became untrue with a small but still noticeable wobble. this was surprising given cane creek's claim that the wheels are less likely to lose trueness because of the hub nipples. in any event, trueing the wheel is a real pain since it involves removing the cassette.

the strange noise on the rear hub sounded worse and became more frequent. and surprisingly flexy. overall, a very big disappointment. i do qualify this review since many have found this cane creek model sturdy and reliable but make sure you buy from a seller with a generous return policy like i did.
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