can you blame them?


El Guac-Oh
:rofl: :rofl:
of course not!!!
:rofl: :rofl:


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
I think the cult "Sausage" subtitle should be worked in with "smashed toilets" as well.


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As one on a ketogenic diet (high fat, mod. protein, low carb) I take my sausage VERY seriously! You'll pry my sausage out of my cold dead fingers. :2guns:



entirely thrilled
You guys gotta stop doing this shit to me while I'm at work.

I'm trying to maintain the persona of a dignified educator, and then I see this :duh: on my computer.

i believe it's spelled "e-d-u-m-a-c-a-t-e-r". and you call yourself a smart guy... :cool:
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