Campmor "Wheel" class

NJ Jess

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Campmor is having a "Wheel" class. One must call and sign up to attend. It's one of two nights 7- 8:30 and it will discuss and demostrate building wheelsets, truing, etc. Sign up for either the Feb 21st or 28th. Campmor's number is (201) 445-5000. Hope to see you there, NJ Jess


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Hey Jess,

Thanks for letting me know about the little gift I missed at the end of class. The family and I went upstate NY today and were going to pass by Campmor so we stopped in and I inquired about the gift.. It will come in handy for sure. Thanks.. Btw, I couldn't keep my boys out of those nice tents. :) I love that place...
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