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does anyone have experience with these things? do they work? do they actually keep your water from freezing? my initial thoughts would be that it's a sham and they don't. i was going to pick up something sorta similar from the shop today but figured it was a gimick and a waste of $$. thoughts?
I'm not sure what you are talking about, but don't they make one of those insulated wrappers that go around the tube? That shuold accomplish the same thing.
that's more or less what i'm talking about. i want to know if they work or, if it's like the bikes in your garage, they don't do much other than look nice and cost money.
I have one that is currently full of greenish black mold b/c I never cleaned it out the last time I used it.

I cannot attest to the ability of the fabric to keep the water from freezing since I have mainly used it during the summer to keep the water cool. There is nothing worse than getting a mouth full of warm water during a hot day. It works well during the summer. That said, I think it would hold off freezing for slightly longer than if you had a regular tube. It is meant originally for skiing so it must work to some extent. A day like today though..
I've used the neoprene cover over the tube and it does help prevent freezing. Mine also had a wire in it which made it easy to position the tube. You can always stick the tube inside your jersey once in a while to thaw it out. Last week I used hot water and it stayed warm for three hours inside the Camelback.
i was having this discussion in the shop a few days ago. I was speaking to two people who had purchased it and they said it didnt work in the cold. Their tubes still froze up. I have just kept my tube tucked in my jersey as well. No probs that way!
There are 2 things that I think work well in below freezing temps. 1) is blow a bit of air into the tube once you are done sipping water. If there is no water in the tube it will not freeze. I know it kind sucks (literally) but you are not racing right now and it takes an extra 3 seconds. 2) on really cold days as today, if you wear your regular gear with your camelback and the put a lite (and I mean very light) windbreaker over your normal clothes/camelback that helps. I have even used a cheap rain jacket. It is a bit of overkill but it works great. BTW I do use the thermal system and it is great for snowboarding and mtbin' but not below temps of 25 degrees.
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