Broken Nite Rider Plug

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I have an 06 Nite Rider flight which I bought off of ebay last year (so obviously I'm not the original owner). The thing has worked great other than a few small complaints that any nite rider owner has.
Well last night I was packing it up and tried to unplug the cable from the lamp when the plastic molding around the plug ripped right out of the lamp. The wires didn't fray all the way so the light still works, but obviously I can't really use it right now.
I'm going to reach out to their customer service, however being that I'm not the original owner and it's over a year old I don't know how much help they'll be.
Not wanting to drop $450 on another one I'm going to attempt to fix it. There is some exposed wire from were it tore a little so I was thinking of soldering it a little and wrapping it in electrical tape, trying to squeeze it back into the lamp. And then I was thinking of using I guess epoxy to reattach the plug to the lamp and create a waterproof seal. Unfortunitly it looks like I'll never be able to detach the cable from the unit again, but I'm thinking this way I'll get some more life out of it.
Any other suggestions? Anyone ever have a similar issue?
I'll try to post up some pics of it (probably not till sunday).


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Personally I'd hold off on doing anything until they get back to you. I would be surprised if they told you to go scratch.

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uggg, they are going to charge me a $40 service fee pluss cost of any parts rhat need to be replaced. i might still try to fix it myself...
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