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well as some of you that i ride with know i was having issues with my bike. occasionally when i would pedal in a climb it was sound like my chain was skipping and would make a PING noise. well last weekend it made that noise and when i would pedal it would hardly move and would basically just spin without moving. well i went to brick bikes and we replaced my second chainring and it SEEMED like it fixed the problem. well today i was riding and i was about to do a climb andas soon as i put some pressure on i hear PINGG!!! relly loud and i thought my chain popped off(because i was just spinning and not moving). NOWi got off the bike to inspect it and the chain and everything is still in place but its just spinning in the rear. seems like something broke in the hub. like the cassette is spinning freely but the wheel itself is not moving. my question is WHAT HAPPENED??? whats broke in there??? any help would be great and thanks a ton in advance.

edit: i made a video of whats going with the bike and ill post it up later when i can get on the computer.
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Hey, just got back from a 15 mile ride with Dustin at 6 Mile Run. There were about 10 of us, what a great ride today.

Sounds like you broke the pawls in the hub (the things that engage in the hub shell to turn the wheel) . Sounds to me like a new hub is in your future.
I'm not trying to sell you anything, but I have a set of brand new wheels for sale posted on the site here:

They are brand new and never ridden, I bought a hardtail this summer and had a set of wheels built for it. These wheels came on the bike, but I never even rode them.

By time you buy a new hub and spokes and have the wheel laced and trued, you'll be into the rear wheel for at least as much as this set of new wheels.

Just a thought, please don't think I'm trying to take advantage of your misfortune, I would never do that to someone I ride with.
i just found a 400 dollar set of wheels for 50% off

Shimano XT M760 Wheelset w/Mavic 717 Rims non-disc

msrp 400.00 for 199.99
Invest in a good set of hubs and get it over with. You should be able to get a new freehub body for it though.
you know id love to do that frank, but i have rather slim budget otherwise i totally would. besides im not going to put a ton of money into this bike when im going to put money into a new bike in the spring anyhow.
See if Jason has, or can get a new freehub body for it. If it's a shimano it may not be that expensive.
See if Jason has, or can get a new freehub body for it. If it's a shimano it may not be that expensive.

this one has my vote as I am a cheap bastard....or the wheels from m3tim are not too bad either you might want to check out Joe's also some of these might work either way..
dude i bet this fixes both of your problems. if the rear hub was coming loose then it was getting slightly crooked when peddling hard and causing it to try and jump up to the next gear.
it probably got so loose that you snapped it.

if you want some donor parts, i bent the rim on my rockhopper pretty much as soon as i got it so i have an extra rear hub that you can have. getting it replaced will probably cost as much as a complete ebay rear wheel but its an option if you want it.
If you're interested I have a few sets of wheels laying around. Let me see what my basement looks like when I get home and I'll send you a PM. I may have a rear wheel you can have super cheap.
you guys are f'n awesome! once i get my problem diagnosed i think ill take all the wheels you are offering and build a megabike.:D
ok so i got my bike looked at today. it was my free hub. it took a crap, lol. its being replaced for free under warranty.
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