Bring on the Snow


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All we have is rain at Hartshorne, but at least a few inches.

Any pictures from Jamesburg?

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I think a key factor will be how much one likes to run with the bike shouldered vs. actually pedaling it. Because I suspect there might not be a lot of pedaling going on tomorrow.


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TM after this storm

I can see a lot of TM at 6MR after this one. Maybe not as bad as Irene, but I have large branches down all over my neighborhood.


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Tons of branches down and power is out at my in laws and my son was supposed to stay over there tonight as we have a Halloween party. So we are still going to the party, but my in laws are staying at my house. F snow in October :rolleyes:


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8pm still snowing here at 1000 ft above

just about 14"



5" of slop here in rutherford. I have no power and therefore no heat. Trees down everywhere so streets are closed and martial law has been imposed. I have a 25+ foot tree down in my yard. Be safe, people.


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It would be probably appropriate for the lot of you to wear dresses tomorrow. Since when did cyclocross become a fair weather sport?

Good job Pixie for making the drive and racing.

Sadly I had to cancel Beacon today, since I was the sole coach for my kids' travel hockey team, and had only 1hr 45 mins to make it from Bridgeton to Princeton. No way would I have made it in time. But I will be there tomorrow no matter what :getsome:


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We had a solid 10" or more here in Hackettstown. I just came back from shoveling (2nd time) and I'm dead tired.


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I think... based on my schedule, my PMC chart, the weather, and what the weather is going to create (work, mess, clean up, TSS), I am better off sleeping in.



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Racing today, and in a CX bike, should be fun to watch :) I woke up early to change tires on my bike and see if I could get enough float to ride but no way José, I was knee deep in snow. That's it, I'm getting a fatty:getsome:

In the mean time I'll switch my long mtb ride of today for a couple of hours of sledding with my kids :D


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Somewhere in the neighborhood of 19" here in Highland Lakes. Hoping the snowmobiles and quads pack the trails down some so I can ride. Plattekill is open for skiing already, I heard they got 27" last night.


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2nd day of no school because of power outage (Roxbury) this rate, I'll be teaching in July.
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