brick bikes ruuuuules!


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so today i ran into some issues with my bike and mike243 suggested i go see jason at brick bikes. was only about ten minutes from there at allaire so i figured why not. got there and was greeted by a smile and a handshake from him. a good handshake goes a long way for me. took my bike in and up on the rack and took care a few thing he said i needed even though i didnt ask for them, nor did i know there was anything wrong with. got my bike in and out of there and didnt even come remotely close to breaking my bank. infact he didnt even touch my bank, haha. great service, great shop, and just gained one more customer! and now that i know hes a giant dealer, i think i know where im going to be nabbing my trance from in the springtime:D:D:D

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I've been going to Brick for about ten years. It's the only shop I frequent. Jay is great. The guy builds one of the best wheels around.
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