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Rare Vos on this fine Friday in Syracuse!


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I have been a big proponent of this brewer for a while now. Quite a few of my friends have received gifts of their fine products over the years. The Rare Vos is my favorite as well.


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rare vos is spanish for red fox for those of you that dont habla espnol... or it's french maybe.:hmmm:


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I picked up some Ommegang Abbey Ale today after a long weekend of riding and rough Monday at work. So delicious, beer for dinner. I'm 2 beers in and it tastes great.

I even read the instructions: Pour slowly so as to not disturb the yeast sediment, but with enough vigor to create a luxurious head and the rich bouqet.

Wow! Super warm and fuzzy - this can't be only 8.5%.
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My former boss, a Belgian gentleman who obsessed over his Belgian beer "collection" at home (including the matching glasses) used to make special trips up to Cooperstown, NY. First time he told me he was spending the weekend up there, I automatically assumed "Oh, so you're visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame?"

"Oh, is that in Cooperstown?" he'd inquire in a surprised tone..."No, I need another trip to the Ommegang Brewery". (He never set foot in the Hall of Fame... too funny)...

Rare Vos and Hennepin were his favorites...
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