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That has to account for something right? lol

Hey all,

Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jay and this is my first season of racing XC beginner 35-39 age group. I just got my bike right before the season started and almost immediately started racing. I love it! I currently live down by Philly but lived most of my life in Sussex NJ.

I have quite a bit of experience on bikes in general. I use to race the old BMX circuit back in the day in NJ and Middletown NY with my Hutch pro racer. (God I'm old! lol) I was also very heavy into freestyle back in the 80's.

I've been competing in bike trials or observed trials all up and down the east coast for the last several years. I was even fortunate enough to pick up several pretty big sponsors this past season as well which is really cool.

So far this season I have raced in two of the H2 H races #1 and #5 (11th both races uhg!) and I've also been hitting up some of the Mid Atlantic series XC as well as one short track race in PA and DE.

Looking forward to possibly racing at the Ringwood fall classic and also the Rumble in the Jungle. (I remember going to Jungle Habitat in like 1977! Dang!)

Anyway... it's been great meeting some of you. Looking forward to meeting more. I'm already starting to see some familiar faces at the races.

Take it easy!






Steve Vai

Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.
I haven't been on Observedtrials in years, ever since I stopped competing, I would be down if there was a local comp but the scene around here is weak:(
A good ole fashioned jam would be sick!! Maybe head out to candytown or sourlands (near my hood):D We also got some urban going on in New Brunswick with a small handful of dudes coming out, but the urban scene around here is also pretty lame, lots of people talk about park and urban bikes but no one actually rides them:(

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