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hey what's up,
i'm dave, live about 5 seconds from gloucester county college, have been racing bmx for about 20 years now.

after a recent string of injuries, and a growing family, i'm thinking about making the move to mtb. closer to home for training, less time in the air, many more mtb trails than bmx tracks in my area.

anyone willing to show a new guy the "loop" at gcc one sunday morning? i may be a bit slow, as the average bmx race is about 45 seconds long and maybe 1500 feet, not 5 miles !!! LOL!!


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welcome aboard,,,
you have come to the right place for guides and rides...


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What's up Dave? How's the collarbone?

Good bunch of folks over here, welcome!

Welcome s4lnj. I am trying to put this together here...HumanVise asks about your imagination goes to work, I see him crushing you in his vise-like grip until your collarbone snaps in two. Your bike is laying nearby, twisted, a heap of pretzled tubing and chain. The crack of your collarbone ricocheting off the surrounding dirt jumps.

Can we look forward to HumanVise snapping a few BMXrs in half at Jorbafest or was this a personal project of his?
Welcome again.


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ha ha -- i was gonna get some titanium installed, but i took it to vice first, he bent it in half with one hand, i took it back to the doctor and told them it wasn't strong enough!!


Dave, this is really the only other place I hang out! I'm like you, a BMX'er at heart who rides mostly MTB for the same reasons as you. Are you coming to Jorbafest?

No plans to squash any BMX'ers :hmmm: but the show is gonna be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. I'm easy to find, I'll be the guy with the huge balls......uh stone that is!


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nah-- i'll be hitting egg harbor for a state qualifier.

i plan to finish out this season, i had goals going in, and even though the injury put me way off track, i still intend to come as close to those goals as possible. as long as i know i did everything i could then i'll be happy, so stopping short isn't an option.

i have a kind of strange mentality when it comes to competing, although there are other people on the track... it's realy about me and my bike. i don't mind getting beat, but i don't want to loose because someone else worked harder. i will never be that guy that says "maybe i didn't train hard enough.. or... if i stayed focused than maybe...."

sorry for the rant-- just a little insight to my insanity!!
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