BMX/MX/Monster Trucks...Why no MTB?


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Went to Monster Jam at the Izod Center today with Stella. I go every few years for kicks and love it every time. The trucks are amazing, the people watching is unbeatable and the 'halftime' show is usually pretty cool. (I will admit that the people watching at a WWF event is actually far superior to any event but the actual event is worthless)

So the half time show today was 2 fold...a great display of freestyle MX, and a handful of guys on bmx bikes doing tricks on a 6' tabletop ramp with some flatland stuff thrown in there.

I was pretty bummed that the MTB world had no place in it. That freestyle mx stuff is just flat out crazy, the crowd loves it, the tricks are insane, the heights are insane and the risk is clear. The bmx thing was bummin. They came out and the MC announced that they were doing 'flatland' style riding...all I saw was a few manuals and a guy sitting on his handlebars coasting around.

When the bmx guys finally got around to the ramp they were dwarfed by the mx jumps which were really good.

I understand that these things are set up to appeal to the kids who will go out and buy bmx bikes. But the MTB world is missing out on some great exposure. I have seen vids of guys getting towed into big jumps and there are plenty of urban MTB events out there.

No point to this thread...just wished I could have seen something spectacular being done on a mountain bike today. The monster trucks were as always a joy to see, and i will pick up tix for the mx thing there next month if I am in town to see it.
Rant over. :cry:
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