Blue Mtn. - 11/17


"Sleeveless Joe"
Meeting at the back lot at 9:30 on Saturday Nov. 17th. Medium-pace, pausing at all 'stop & plays'/photo ops. Route determined by concensus as long as it includes Monster (counter-clockwise) and some of Depew I having hit yet. Sucking suds at the Firehouse post-ride. Look for the Jersey plates.



"Sleeveless Joe"
I'd expect 'ballpark' about 1/2 a dozen.
If ya need any help with directions, shoot over a PM or simply mapquest "241 Welcher Avenue Peekskill, NY 10566-5612". It's a small deli literally a stone's throw from the front entrance.


So I'm in. I'm pretty familiar with how to get there so I shouldn't have any problems, but thanks for the directions anyway. :) I'll be coming by myself and I'll be ready to go by 9:30. I drive a silver Ford Focus and I ride a black Cannondale.

Lookin forward to meeting you and to riding! I'm Tony by the way. :)
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