Blue Mountain, Sunday 10am


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Going to ride Blue Mtn. in Peekskill, NY this Sunday 8/6 at 10am.

This will be a technical ride although not much sustained climbing. Probably around 15 miles depending on how lost I get. :) Don't know this place real well so we may do a little wandering.

Garden State Parkway to the end.
Get on 87 South.
Get on Palisades North. Take this to the end.
Watch close for left hand exits by 18, make sure you stay on the Palisades.
At the end of the Palisades cross the Bear Mountain Bridge.
After the bridge make a right and continue along side of the mountain with the Hudson River on your right.
At the bottom follow signs for Route 9 South.
Take this to Welcher Avenue exit.
Make a left at the bottom of the ramp and make a right at the next intersection.
Parking around a mile on your left in dirt lot.
you guys have rode with me once so i know it's not easy to judge...i don't want to hold you all back and i'm not really sure if i can make it...but if i can...will i be out of my league?
Well, I hate to discourage anyone but this place is very technical - lots of big rocks, rock gardens, spines and rollers. Personally, I wouldn't want to ride here on a hardtail.
It's time to take my Big Wheel out
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