Blue Marsh Lake, Pennsylvania


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I ride here at least once a month as my in-laws live just off the lake so we ride from their house to the trails. Its not real technical as others have stated, but it seems like it goes on for ever. Right now its a little scary over there because its hunting season, so you constantly hear gun shots. In the spring if there is a group that wants to go, I'm sure my father in-law would love to lead a ride if needed. He usually does the 26 mile loop in just about 2:45 :drooling:


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I was out there twice in the late 90's. At the time, the loop was around 25 miles. We did two laps both times.:drooling:

I met Chuck E. on the first of those rides, and the mighty Patrick Brown was in attendance for both. Good times those were.

I'd like to go again.

good memmories at blue marsh. never had any bad luck there. the fondest memmories were of Myself, Marc Lewis, Chris G. Chuck E Chillout just all out murdering that place. doing 24 miles laps in less than 2 hours if I remember correctly. stopping for a bite to eating then hammering out another sub 2 hour loop. I always wanted to try for 3 loops but I never got the chance to try.


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I've ridden Blue Marsh a number of times over the years. Personally, I like it a lot - the last coupple of times I've ridden it solo - but some of my friends are less ethusiastic... mainly because it's one big loop... with not really any chance for a bailing.

IMHO, the best place to start is at the northern end off 183 rather than at the main lot near the dam. This way you are able to have a half-way stop at the visitor's center to refill with water. More important on hot days.
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