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Went out for a night ride last night for first time in a long time and although there has not been any recent rain, there was quite a bit of flooding in places. I don't know the trails well enough to tell you exactly where, but there were definitely spots I've ridden through before that were impassable last night -- all near the lakes.

Just a note to be careful - we rode right into (and wiped out) a giant mud puddle we didn't see that was covered with silt.

Anyone doing night rides now?


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Hi Glen, We rode last night 6:00. We park at Bradock Mill and Kettle Run Rd There were two groups out there last night.


During recovery from foot surgery, I've spent some times walking the trails, doing light clipping and clearing. I rode last week for the 1st time, and the trails are in superb condition. Come on over!


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Did my first ride at Black Run Preserve ever today. I am a rookie so my concept of conditions may be a bit off...

Blue trail has a bridge out on the blue trail. Also further down the blue trail there is a HUGE beaver damn.

Some soggy spots that where passable on my 26er. Had a blast until my buddy got a flat and realized with BOTH left our pumps on our road bikes.


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Hey Sandman, I was there this morning from 7-8:15! I agree, it was sandy as hell!
What does one do in an hour 15? Our night ride is 2 hours, and our Saturday rides are 3+ hours, no mater what part of the pines we are in.


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What does one do in an hour 15? Our night ride is 2 hours, and our Saturday rides are 3+ hours, no mater what part of the pines we are in.

I am not too familiar with the trails, so I can not tell you exactly where I am going! I still have plenty of trail to explore.

Are you guys planning on doing any organized rides? It is only 10-15 minutes from my house so I can be there in no time if you can tolerate a slow rider!


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All our rides during the Summer months are fat bike only. We will be at Black Run this Saturday for the Mountain Laurel ride. Start time 9:00am. Park at the Tomlinson mill road. Park off road.
Attempting to revive the thread. Rode here today. Trails are in good shape. Did 10 miles. The white REI trail is in primo shape. It keeps getting better. If youve been waiting for it to turn into the great trail it was meant to be when it was cut well the time is now. I didnt ride yellow REI but rode a bunch of other stuff and its all in good shape.


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rode there on 10/10, everything was good to go, hoping the yellow trail eventually gets as good as white, a few turns need some work

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