Black River Wildlife Management Area


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Hi. Im new to this particular forum, but many of you might have seen me on mtbr. well, training is out the window for this year and its time to do "fun" rides without the constraint of a regimented training schedule. Right?! right.
Well, I am writing on behalf of an as of yet unnamed and sordid band thats been getting together on a weekly basis to ride up at the Wildcat Ridge WMA. We have decided to switch up our usual ride once a month from now on and I am interested in investigating some new trails. Ive never even heard of Black River before and am curious. If anyone knows of this trail and can point us in the right direction or would like to maybe lead a group of jolly and accomplished riders through ones favorite 3 hour loop of it, please email me at Ill give the gory details to the brave few who step over the line in the sand. Live long and prosper, do good work and keep in touch.
Good fun place..

I always leave that place with a smile. I Always park off of Dover-Chester Rd. in Randolph with parking at Bill's Leonchonette. There is a Patriot's Path marker as some of Patriot's runs through there. Good for an hour and a half give or take. Some different things to see, generally smooth and fast with reasonabley long climbs and long descents. One of the few places that starts with a nice descent. My loop is about 11 miles w/ about 5 of railbed. There is a half I haven't checked out yet.. Anytime you want to go, I'd be more than happy to show.....

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