BIYF Winter 2020-2021: Go Zwift or Go Home!!!!


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Base in your face 2020-2021

Base in your face (BIYF) is a winter riding competition to help keep you motivated to ride over the winter. Base riding, long slow hours to help build your endurance base, has a number of training benefits that have nothing to do with this competition, other than the name.

This competition has taken many forms, straight time only, points-based systems, bonus systems, etc; each resulting in excluding a number of people who don’t have time to drop 20 hour weeks and/or visit 18 parks in one day. Last year’s version had large prizes up for grab and to be honest, it ruined it. It made us define the rules too much and really took the fun out of it.

Sooo, this year’s BIYF will be a little different than the last few years; a scoring system aimed at getting you outside, on the bike. While BIYF will allow indoor rides, the focus is riding outdoors and the points system will always favor that. After all, most of us didn’t start riding bikes for fitness reasons only. In some ways winter riding is awesome, in other ways, it sucks. The goal of BIYF is to give a little extra motivate to get out there and experience it and maybe make it something better than it can be otherwise.

The details:

This year winter is the “perfect” dates for Mon-Sun riding weeks. The comp will start on Monday December 21st, the day winter starts in NJ. It will end on the first full day of Spring, Sunday March 21st.

We will start with one group, no elite / mortal categories. This will be reassessed after the first month. The goal is to keep you motivated and being 15th place likely doesn’t do that. So, at some point I may make a break.

There will be milestone winners. We only have a few people that are interested in competing all winter and TBH, it becomes chore the second half of the winter. So, we will have an overall, and monthly winners. So if you want to go all in for one month, have at it. This takes some of the I got sick, works sucks right, my kids suck, type stress out of it. Since one week down usually takes you out of the overall, these shorter term goals may help get you out there. Note, it will be the total points during that month, not the overall leader at the end of the month.

The other part of BIYF is content to consume, a writeup, photos, video, drawing, poem, sonnet, haiku, etc are encouraged and will be recognized with spot bonuses. Remember, this is 2020/2021 and a MTB site, pictures and videos work best. Give us something to look at!

I am working on some swag for the winner, and @jimvreeland offered up a few items already, but this is more about the riding….

The rules

Hourly Points:

1 point per hour of moving time outside, per day (midnight-11:59 PM) in ½ hour increments with a minimum time of 1 hour. Normal rounding rules by 5’s for hours:minutes:seconds 1:25:31 rounds to 1:30, which equals 1.5 points. 1:24:31 round to 1:25 NOT 1:30, which equals 1 point. If you are in doubt, ride around in circles. You can do multiple rides to get to the hour. Again, moving time.

Per ride points: (maximum 1 point per category, per ride) Darkness, Precipitation and Cold are deterrents to riding, hence:

Darkness is aplenty during this comp, 1 point for at least 45 min in the dark.
****Official Rule Change 01-11-2021****
Old Rule: 1 point for at least 45 min in the dark.
Revised Rule: 1 point for at least 1 hour minimum before sunrise OR after sunset.

Raining / Snowing during your ride, 1 point for at least 45 min of wetness. Wet or snow covered roads/trails only does not count

1 point if the starting or end temp is 15 degrees or less. Screen shot of weather app with time is required for this one. Yeah yeah Jim, we know you ride in underwear down to this temp.

0.5 point if your ride is indoors. Again, this is an outdoor riding comp, but sometimes it is hard to get out. Since indoor riding has none of the challenges listed above, you get 0.5 point per day, max, for an indoor ride. If you ride outside that day and claim points, no indoor points are available, so no, you can’t sit on Zwift for an hour each night and claim an extra 0.5 point. It is not 0.5 point per hour, it is per day when you ride indoors and meet the hour minimum. If you ride outside for 45 min and inside for 15, it is 0.5 point. I know you tried, but……try harder.

Format post as follows:


Moving Time

Dark/Wet/Cold Bonuses (if you don't state it, you don't get it)

Content (optional)

There will be weekly bonuses of some sorts. I reserve the right to provide spot bonuses for impressive rides and or/content. If I remember, there will be a post of the week, which will be rewarded with 2 bonus points.

All posts must be made within two days of the activity to count. No waiting until the end of the week to make your rides public.

The let us not be dumb rule. Daily ride point allowances will be nullified if you: Ride in conditions that damage the trails or exhibit any of the following: lying about dark/wet/cold, poor gif’ing, posting of blurry pictures, bad posting etiquette, personal attacks, general disruptiveness, overuse of punctuation, blah blah blah, etc. In short, if you are going to be a dick, make sure it is funny and doesn’t out a specific person. Yes, we know Rick already violated most of these…

None one on this site or thread is liable for anything you do during this competition. All participants do this at their own risk and liability.

Rules will be finalized on 12/20/2021 11:59 PM
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on Christmas Eve or Christmas, take a picture with any Santa likeness for 2 bonus points. You must be in the picture in some respect.

***12/31 or 1/1 bonus for 2 points.***
Included with your qualifying ride, list 3 things/pictures/stories that were a POSITIVE Since April 2020.

***01/07 through 01/09 bonus for 1 point.***
Include a selfie* with a qualifying ride for 1 bonus point, selfie must include you, a bike selfie does not count. 1 Bonus point maximum per day. Virtual (swift) selfie does not count.
*for the serial selfie and bike selfie takers, take a picture of something else for the bonus point. This means you @goodvibe @rick81721

***01/13 through 01/16 maximum 4 bonus points.***
Find a bridge on the lists below and take a picture of it during one of your qualifying rides. Bonus period is 01/13 - 01/16 and you can receive 2 bonuses total. Each bonus is worth 2 points, maximum 4 points. Entry must include the wiki link to the bridge, ex:–Trenton_Railroad_Bridge

National Register of Historical Bridges in PA
National Register of Historical Bridges on NJ

You can submit a historic bridge not on this list as long as you provide history about the bridge.

***01/19 through 01/23 maximum 5 bonus points.***
Post a picture of a trail marker during one of your qualifying rides. 1 point per trail / facility marker during the bonus period and you can claim multiple points during a single ride. You cannot use the same marker twice, nor can you use a marker from the same park / trail network more than once. A marker does include mileage markers. Roadway route signs and/or mile markers are not eligible for a bonus point.

***01/28 through 01/31 maximum 5 bonus points.***

Find a pre-1900’s building/structure and take a picture of it during one of your qualifying rides. You must post either a corner stone w/date or some kind of written description (plaque on building, wiki, weird nj link, etc.). No more than 2 can be in the same town/general area. Each bonus is worth 1 point, maximum 5 points. Sorry, no fake descriptions for this one, although they do increase the potential for bonus points.
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